Accommodation in Novigrad


NOVIGRAD is a tourist resort on the west coast of Istria. It is a town proud of its tradition, beauty and historical and cultural heritage. No matter whether you are a long-staying guest or just a traveller passing through, citizens of Novigrad will receive you with open arms and give you a warm welcome, or, once your holiday is over, say goodbye as good friends.

They will see to it that your stay in the town is well-organized and that you are provided with the best and unforgettable service. Here, the guest will find the clearest see in this part of the Mediterranean. The tourist image of Novigrad is based on its advantages as regards sporting and leisure activities. Sports grounds offer a possibility of achieving good results both in terms of performance and in terms of relaxation and good health. The facilities are available to all the guests, regardless of their age, all day long and throughout the year, in any weather, and both in the water and on the land.

Every summer Novigrad is the venue of the well-known inter-regional fish festival when only the best things are offered at the street stands.

Novigrad was built on a small island that was connected to the mainland in 18th century. It has maintained its medieval structure up to the present day. The three-named parish church of St. Mary, St. Maximilian and St. Pelagius has preserved its characteristics of the Romanesque and fragments of early Christian basilica despite the prevailing baroque influence (1745-1775). The church of St. Agatha in a 10th century graveyard is an example of three-apse Romanesque sacral architecture, and the Church of St. Anthony was built during the Gothic period and renovated in 17th century.