Accommodation in Rovinj

Panorama ROVINJ

ROVINJ is a town that has lived with the sea for centuries. Thanks to the sea, the town has its riches, its style, its mentality, its development and its future. The town of Rovinj is today oriented towards the protection of environment and towards accepting and meeting all the challenges of modern tourism. The entire coastline of the Rovinj area is protected as natural heritage as well as all of the twenty-two small and larger islands around the town.

The attractive power of the island of St. Catherine comes from its sunshine, crystal sea, clean air, and calm, shady places. Because of the variety of its plant life the Red Island is also called the 'flower-garden'. Besides, the beautiful area with so many hidden bays and corners of this green paradise amidst the sky-blue Adriatic provides you with all the necessary amenities required by a modern tourist.

This is true for the entire coast of the Rovinj area: it is a combination of the original traditional values and all the conveniences of the present time, a place full of contrasts, with calm corners for contemplation on one hand, and exuberant zest for life of the present time, on the other.

The search for unique scenery for his stories brought to Istria even the father of science fiction, Jules Verne. One part of his novel Mathias sandorf is set in Rovinj. Numerous writers from the past centuries, just like Jules Verne, with great enthusiasm praised Rovinj and its beauty.

Many drawings from earlier periods may be considered as kind of tourist guides although this was probably not their original purpose. This ancient settlement (3rd cent.) was first mentioned in a document written by an anonymous author of Ravenna from the beginning of the 8th century.

Today, as well as in the past, this lavishly beautiful scenery attracts a large number of visitors under its spell. Almost two hundred years ago, a Roman writer observed: "In Istria, the Roman patricians feel like gods..."